Moving Guide

Moving Guide in Durham Use this moving guide to help you get organised for the big day and make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

You should begin your packing in advance and remember, you don't have to take everything to your new home, maybe you don't need some things anymore and moving is the perfect opportunity to reduce your clutter.

When looking for a removals company, you should compare quotes from several removal firms. Make sure you check they have the appropriate insurance to cover your possessions should be become damaged or lost.

Make sure you let your insurance company know you're moving and make sure you are covered in your new property.

Make sure you arrange in advance for final meter readings to be taken for your utilities, then take readings in both your old and new home on the day of your move.

Once moved, you should notify any companies and services which need your address that it has changed. On top of this, you can also arrange to have your post redirected to your new address with the Royal Mail.

Let your current telephone / internet provider know you're moving and will need a final bill for your old address. Arrange to transfer your number to your new home.

Fridges & Freezers
Don't forget that you will need to empty, defrost and clean your fridge/freezer before the move.

Things to remember
It's a good idea to have a small box of essentials for the moving day such as tea, milk, toiletries, snacks, cutlery & keys. It's also worth making sure that any important contact details, like the agent or removal company's numbers, are readily available should you need them.

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